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I thought it might be fun to tell about all my dogs that I can remember! I have always loved animals and expecially dogs and horses.

Monday, May 01, 2006

My Very First Dog

I have loved dogs and horses all my life. By the time I was in 4 th grade I had read all the dog books in the library and drawn most of their pictures. I had even written and illustrated stories about dogs that I would own when I was grown up. Then I started on the horse books....reading and drawing. I asked for both...a dog or a horse for every birthday....usually ended up crying because I didn't get one. Finally when I was 12 we got our first family dog and when I was grown up and married I got my first horse. I am now 63 years old and I still love horses and dogs and have dogs....4 Shelties!

Skippy was the very first dog I remember in my Life!

When I think about it this was not really my dog, but it was the first dog in my life. He was named Skippy and he was a Wire-haired Terrier. He was white with a black saddle spot on his back and black and brown on his head. Some people at Dad's work gave him to us because they had to move and their new apartment didn't allow dogs. He was a little spoiled because they had treated him kind of like their baby. He liked to eat from a spoon. He could do little sit, shake hands, dance, fetch, etc. He seemed to love Mom the most and was always jumping in her lap. She was pregnant with Steve so she didn't have much of a lap. We all loved the dog...except maybe for Dad. Finally Dad insisted that the dog stay outside in a dog house he made for him. Skippy hated being outside and barked a lot. Soon he got sick....actually I think it was Dad took him to the Doctor and told us that the Doctor knew a guy who worked in a Circus and that he wanted Skippy to work with his dogs in the Circus...we weren't very happy about that.....Do you think that could have really happened?


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