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I thought it might be fun to tell about all my dogs that I can remember! I have always loved animals and expecially dogs and horses.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crit....I owned half of him...but was it the front or back?

When I was about 6 years old I lived in an apartment with a small yard. Our neighbors lived in a big house with a big yard. Willis was the father in that family, Audie was the mother, and the kids were all in high school. Audie was my Mom's best friend. I would knock on the door and they would invite me in and I would go to the front room and get some books out. My favorite one was "Ferdinand the Bull". Before too long Audie would come in with milk and cookies. One day to my surprise, a puppy joined their family. He was very small and black and very friendly. I just loved him and thought he loved me. I told Willis I wished I could have a dog but my parents said no because we lived in an apartment and it didn't work out before....Remember Skippy...the Circus Dog? Anyway, Willis said I could own half of his dog. I was thrilled. Then he said, "Which half do you want to own, the front half or the back half?" Right away I said "the front!" and then Willis said,"Good, you'll get to buy the food?" "That will save me some money!" Of course I quickly changed my mind...."No, I guess I want the back!", I said. Then Willis said "Even can clean up after him!" Now I didn't know what to say...Finally I said I would have to think on which side I wanted and I would tell him later! I never could decide which end of the dog that I wanted to own.
Crit was the wiriest little dog....we had a tree in our yard that slanted towards the ground and Crit would climb it and jump down. Maybe he should have joined the Circus too! (I think I might have a picture of him too...I'm looking for it.)


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