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I thought it might be fun to tell about all my dogs that I can remember! I have always loved animals and expecially dogs and horses.

Monday, July 17, 2006

During This Time We Had A Few Horses Too!

Babe was the horse that started my dreams for a horse. He was a big old work horse that belonged to my Aunt, who we called Sister. She was my Dad's sister. I loved that horse so much that Sister said he was mine. When we would go there to visit, I would insist that I had to ride him and only him. I had teenage cousins and Sister would make them carry me out in the fields to catch him and let me ride him as long as I wanted. I don't think they really liked that too much because if they got Maud, the other work horse...I wouldn't ride her...only Babe. Sometimes they tried to make me ride the cow...when they didn't want to walk so far to get the horses...of course I wouldn't and would say I wanted to talk to Sister and they would go on and get Babe. I kind of remember that my Mother was afraid of Babe. She said the horse would roll his eyes at her, but I just loved him. As I said beforeI had wanted a Horse all my life. I think I spent quite a few birthdays crying because I didn't get a horse. In fact I used to grow corn for the horse I wanted to get. A single plant or two. Finally after I got my first teaching job, I started horse hunting. I wanted a Palomino....sorry, Palominos cost a lot of money. So I got a horse that was bred to be a Palomino but turned out to be a sorrel...kind of red coat with honey golden mane and tail. His name was Rex and he was a big horse and kind of flightly. I just loved him. The bad thing was that soon after I got him, I got pregnant and couldn't ride him. I had just read in the Dr.'s office magazine that if you were used to riding before you got could keep on riding. I mentioned it to my Dr. and he said, "No, that's can't ride until after the baby is born!" So eveyone got to ride my horse but me. I got to feed and groom him. He was beautifully groomed though.
We got other horses and ponies. We had one bay named Chip. We had a quarter horse named Misty. We had Misty bred to the TV Long Ranger's white stallion named Silver (Silver was 24 years old when he bred our mare....he was stabled in Bad Axe, MI at a sheriff's barns up there. (Brace (or Race)) Beamer the TV's Long Ranger) was already dead, but his wife was still alive and had the horse stabled there.) and got the cutest white filly with dark eyes. We called her Silver Bell. We purchased a bred white mare and she had a colt we named Apollo.....he was born during the space shots with the Apollo rockets. We eventually got some horses that were not taken care of very well and kind of nursed them back to good health and sold them....a huge gray we named Sorry....he went to a young girl who just loved him...a palomino gelding that was never watered properly....he turned into a nice horse for a young boy....a little bay mare that was a handful; she had amind of her own....she went to a riding school...and we boarded two other horses...a beautiful two year old Palomino filly and a very high strung race horse. Our kids had ponies....Lucky (our first pony bought at an auction for $20.) a fairly large brown, Stormy, a black gelding who won the Lenawee County Fair Trophey for Ponies two years in a row, Tootsie who had a colt named Cutie Pie (Kelly wanted to call her baby sister Cutie Pie so we talked her into naming the new colt her favorite name.....Jewel you are lucky your name isn't Cutie Pie.) We boarded a larger white pony who jumped.....I think his name was something like Snowball or Snowman...I'll check this out...and we had a small kind of palomino one named Yankee Doodle Dandy, but he was a biter so we sold him.
My most recent experience with horses has been western riding lessons in 2000. I told my granddaughter Bethany that I would pay for riding I was watching her...I couldn't stand it. I talked to the trainer and he said we could both take lessons at the same time. I really loved that....I'll talk about it later.


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